UK PM Boris Johnson Hopeful for Liberty Steel Future

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is very hopeful that the plants could be saved. Speaking on a visit to Middlesbrough, he said “I think British steel is a very important national asset. I think the fact that we make steel in this country is of strategic long-term importance. We have learned during the pandemic that it is not a good idea to be excessively reliant in times of trouble on imports of critical things. It would be crazy if we were not to use this post-Brexit moment not to use the flexibility we have to buy British steel. So that’s want we want to do.”

He said the government’s infrastructure plans including wind farms, railways, and nuclear power stations would all need steel.

Mr Johnson signaled the government could unveil lucrative contracts to benefit Liberty.

The British government has rejected an appeal by Liberty’s parent company, GFG Alliance, for a GBP 170 million bailout amid concerns its opaque structures meant the funds could disappear into its international operations.